Welcome to the official site for the Maidenhead & District Cribbage League.

The site has now been updated with the schedule for the Winter 2018/19 season. Future updates will depend upon the strategy and tools selected by the new Secretary/Match Secretary at the 2018 AGM.

The main sections of the site are:-

Results – all news items concerning game results, typically there will be 2 or 3 news items a week depending how close together the results are each week. The press deadline for the Maidenhead Advertiser is Tuesday midday so all results should be in and published by then.

League Table – a dynamically generated table based on the latest results received. This will be more up-to-date than the Spreadsheet tables which are usually only updated once a week after all results are in. We aim to receive all results by the end of Monday night ready for the newspaper’s press deadline during Tuesday.

News – all news items in all categories (eg results, fixtures, cup, rules, admin, website…)

Teams – information about all the teams in the league including links to maps of each venue’s location, photos of the immediate area and a link to their website

Constitution – the current rules and constitution for the M&DCL

These are the items you see in the links across the top of every page

Down the right hand side of each page are a number of boxes of links to help get around the site more easily or to allow navigation out to related sites. Some boxes only appear on relevant pages to make other pages quicker loading

Winter League 2018/19 – this section contains some more specialised links for those who want to see the whole league situation or want to print out tables for their venues

  • Fixtures  – list of fixtures with results added once matches have taken place
  • PDF – the table and team schedules viewable and downloadable as a PDF file intended for easy printing
  • Sheet – the ‘engine’ behind everything and master reference for the league’s data
  • Table – the current league table

News Categories – the categories defined for news items. News items may appear in more than one category. Clicking these links allows you to read only items in that category (the Results link in the top bar is the same as selecting Results here)

Email Notifications  – if you want to get email messages when the site is updated, click here

Admin – provides links to register on the site and log in, also links to RSS feeds for both news items and comments

Want to know more about Cribbage? Take a look at the [ Wikipedia ] entry

You’d like to get involved? Teams in the league need to be 8 or more people and have a suitable venue for 4 simultaneous matches throughout a Monday evening from September/October through until June/July (exact dates depends on the number of teams). League registration takes place in July each year. Summer teams consist of 4 people with registration in May each year.

Contact Alan Glover ( alan AT chorazin DOT org ) to find out more.

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