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Cup Fixtures and other news from tonight’s meeting

The cup draws are as follows (home team first):-

Ark Raiders vs North Star

Bird In Hand vs Desborough A


Ivy Leaf A vs Bourne End

Waggon & Horses vs Belgian Arms

It was proposed that the trophies awarded for the team knockout competition be exchanged as a mark of respect to the late Richard Pither thus the Richard Pither Challenge Cup will be awarded to the winners of the top half of the competition and the Team Trophy awarded to the winners of the lower half of the competition.

This will need to be ratified via a constitution change at the next AGM but was generally agreed.

There are currently 26 entries out of a possible 32 for the President’s/Tony Blay Memorial competition so any additional entries should be advised to me within the next week.

AGM 2016

The Constitution has now been updated with the changes adopted at the 2016 AGM

This season there are 16 teams and thus no need to hold any cup competition qualifying rounds to eliminate teams down to 16. There will be one preliminary round where the top eight teams go into the Team Trophy and the remaining eight go into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup.

If there are tied teams around the midpoint a card draw will be performed at the next league meeting to decide which of the tied teams go into which competition.

If a preliminary round match produces a 8-8 result a tiebreaker must be played to produce a win. As usual this may be played as one game or three parallel games at the discretion of the team captains involved

Winter League Registration

In all Sixteen teams registered for the 2016/17 season. The team we’ve lost is Cookham Social so we wish all their players the best and hope that those who want to continue playing will find new teams to play for.

As a result, the President’s/Tony Blay Memorial competition will be at a different venue for the 2016/17 season, however it will still be a limited entry competition to provide a contrast to the main Pairs competition. At this stage I can’t confirm any venues until I have agreed dates with them.

When we split from one league into two the conditions for splitting were defined in rule 2.2 of the Constitution where it says that ‘If there are 16 or less teams registered the Winter League will be operated as a single division.’

Accordingly, we will be switching back to single division format for 2016/17 This will make for a longer season, however a schedule based around twin eight-team divisions would be just too short (there would be 14 league fixtures to play compared to the 18 of last season). In contrast, a single league will give 30 fixtures to play without any Byes.

The twin division schedules have contained a fair bit of padding (eg dates for postponed games and gaps at the end of the season before the summer season launches). By tightening those up I am expecting to still have a schedule that runs September-June but without the tailing off of activity after March/April.


Play To Lose Competition – Reminder

Next month sees the Play To Lose competition. Registration takes place at the April league meeting.

The competition itself will be held at either Desborough or Ivy Leaf depending how many sign up.

Each team can enter up to two people.

The format is the same as the Singles competition, except of course that the person who goes into the next round has to lose two games each round.

Note that this is not the same as the historical version of this competition documented in the Constitution.



Play To Lose Tournament

I can now confirm that the postponed games slot on April 28, 2014 will be converted to a Play To Lose tournament to be held at Desborough, with up to two people entering per team. Registration will be performed at the April 8, 2014 league meeting and will cost the usual competition fee of £1 per person. Exact details of the format will be provided nearer the time but please note that it will not be as per the rather old description of the previous incarnation of this currently in the Constitution (this variation was agreed at the AGM).



Notes from the AGM

Two points to share from tonight’s AGM:-

A new version of the Constitution was adopted and the version on the website has been updated to be in line.

A proposal was made for a Play To Lose competition to be held. It was agreed that the format will be a maximum of two players from each team. Subject to organising a venue this will take place on the second postponed games slot (April 28, 2014)