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League news and administration

Tonight’s League Meeting

Usually, we can get into the business of the League Meeting as soon as enough of the committee are present.

Tonight is going to be a little different. The Committee has two matters to discuss which we’ll consider from 7.30pm.

As soon as we have resolved those we’ll get on with the normal business of the League Meeting so please arrive promptly for 8pm (or 7.30pm for Committee members) but bear with us if we are still in the Committee phase at 8pm.



An administrative announcement

Just over two weeks ago I changed web servers. Whilst this is mostly transparent to users of the web site it does mean that my server’s reputation for sending spam-free emails has gone back to zero in some cases due to a change in the network identity (IP number) being used to send emails

On top of this, using mailing lists as I did before is not compatible with some of the more advanced server protection features that I want to use on the new server.

I’ve set up an alternative to the mailing list using mail forwarding. This means that there is no longer an automated interface for self-service suspending or removal, instead you’ll need to contact me.

Due to the change of IP address a number of mail servers are not accepting email messages sent from the server at present. I am working to get that resolved where I can.

If you used to get emails associated with new postings on this site and no longer do so please wait until next Tuesday – after I’ve done Monday’s results which should trigger an email – and let me know. I’ll investigate and find the cause. On the other hand, if you’re seeing this message as an email all is well and it’s working for you!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Ark Raiders withdraws from league

The Ark Raiders have decided to withdraw from the league due to difficulties in getting a team together.

Their future fixtures will become byes for the opposition and the league standings will be updated to take out the Ark Raiders’ results so far (per rule 2.15 in the Constitution).

Looking for a team?

Are you a crib player who’d like to get back into regular play?

Some of the league teams are keen to bolster their numbers and can offer regular opportunities to play on Monday nights.

If you’re interested get in touch with me at alan AT chorazin DOT org and let me know which area you’d like to play in so I can suggest the nearest teams who are recruiting.



Week 26 – Delayed + Meeting Reminder

I’m still waiting for one result and it could have quite an effect on the top half of the league so I’m going to wait until I have all results before publishing anything.

The Advertiser’s deadline is midday tomorrow, so if I don’t have the missing result by then I’ll publish what I have.

Meanwhile, a reminder to team captains that tomorrow’s meeting includes registration for Play To Lose (32 pairs maximum, initial limit two pairs per team which will be expanded once I know how many teams are not taking up their allocation) and is also the Secretary’s Cup tournament which will begin shortly after the meeting business is concluded.

Pairs Competition & Richard Pither RIP

The Pairs Competition was played this evening. As usual, it reached the semi-finals in most streams with one quarter final to play. The outstanding matches will be played on Finals Night at Desborough in July.

One semi-final will be between George & Richard of Desborough B vs Brian and Geoff of North Star.

The quarter final is between David & Paul of Ark Angels vs Joey & Debbie of Ivy Leaf A. The winner of this game will play Bob & Malcolm also of Ivy Leaf A.

It is with deepest regret that we learned of the death over the weekend of Richard Pither, past secretary of Maidenhead & District Cribbage League. Richard was secretary of the League for around 20 years, standing down in 2010.

Despite failing health Richard remained an active member of the local cribbage community especially at the Bird In Hand in Henley where he was the team captain for many years.

The League extends its sympathies to his family and will continue to honour his memory through the Richard Pither Challenge Trophy, one of two knockout team competitions held during the winter season.

Notes from tonight’s meeting

Here are the cup games for the first round. Teams are reminded that if there is an 8-8 result after the normal match a tiebreaker must be played (one game or three games as agreed between the captains)

Home Away
Ark Angels Craufurd Crusaders
Desborough A Waggon & Horses
Bourne End Bird In Hand
New Inn Ark Raiders
Ivy Leaf B Belgian Arms
North Star Desborough B
Craufurd Buccaneers Ivy Leaf A

The seven winning teams plus the highest loser will go into the Team Trophy.

Six teams will go into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup and will play each other in the quarter-finals with all three winners and the higher loser proceeding to the semi-finals.

It was agreed that if both teams agree in advance a match can begin at 8pm rather than 8.30pm. This will be proposed as a constitution amendment at the next AGM.

There are currently 50 entries for the Singles competition with one team left to provider their numbers, so a few more could be fitted in whilst still remaining below 64. Let me know if you wish to make any additional entries.