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News about this website

Website Updates

For some time now I’ve run three ways of seeing results on the website; the dynamic tables on the League Tables page, LeaguePad and the Spreadsheet.

LeaguePad had some advantages over the spreadsheet for layout however the program has been discontinued for some time and can only be run on computers running Windows XP or older.

As a result, I’ve changed to using a new way of presenting fixtures and tables here on the website which also allows me to get the dynamic table as part of the same system.

Accordingly, the LeaguePad pages have now been discontinued and replaced with pages from the new system. The same information is there however the presentation will be a little different.

The spreadsheet will still be updated once a week and the dynamic results will be updated whenever I have something new to add.

Where has the counter gone?

I’ve just disabled the page/hit counter for this site. Unfortunately the amount of automated/bot traffic trying to log into sites and post spam adverts is now skewing the results out of all recognition and rather than have artificially inflated totals I’ve chosen to disable the counters instead.

Mind The Gap!

I’ve started on updating the site ready for the 2011/2012 season. Moving to two divisions means moving a few things around plus I won’t be uploading the fixtures until nearer the AGM after I’ve confirmed the venue bookings. So, don’t worry if you get the occasional error or odd behaviour navigating around the site for the next week or two.


An easier way to print team sheets

Printing off team sheets from the website can be difficult with content spilling over onto several pages where it should fit easily on one.

To solve this I will be publishing all 18 team sheets every week as a PDF file which can be viewed on the website or downloaded and then printed out selectively. I’ve already taken care of ensuring that one team is fitted on one page, so this should be a considerably easier way to get at the team sheets.

There is a new link in the More Info panel to go to the “Team Charts in PDF” page or you can access it directly here

Let me know if there are any teething problems with this new approach.


Week 11 – First Results

Ark Raiders 11-5 Waggon B

Bird In Hand 11-5 Ivy Leaf B

Cookham Social 9-7 Bourne End

Craufurd A 7-9 Ark Angels

Farmers Boy 6-10 Thatched Cottage

North Star 9-7 Golden Harp B

To come: Golden Harp A/Craufurd B, Ivy Leaf A/Desborough and Waggon A/Barley Mow

By the way, I’ve noticed that the website is currently having problems retrieving the weather and local news – I suspect it’s a transient problem which will fix it itself given a little time. I’ll keep a watch on it.