Rules 2.5 and 2.6 – incorrect pegging

These two rules currently read:-

2.5 In the event of pegs being moved in the wrong direction they must not be corrected and their position will stand.

2.6 If during a game, the board is overturned, the pegs must be repositioned by mutual agreement. In the event of a disagreement, the game must be replayed with the non-offenders taking first box and a TEN point lead.

Following discussion at the AGM and after, two points have arisen. The first is what happens if the pegs switch to the wrong lane and travel some way before it is noticed, which isn’t covered by the rules. The error from this could be quite large (for or against) depending whether the pegs were supposed to be moving away from home or back and how far up the track they are. My advice is that this be handled using the same principle as Rule 2.6 – sort it out amicably if possible, and restart the game with a penalty otherwise.

As far as rule 2.5 is concerned, the rule is there, but if the players agree to sort it out amicably by moving the pegs to where they should be without recourse to the letter of the rules then that’s absolutely fine – the rules are there in case a dispute cannot be solved amicably and a ruling is needed.

For next year’s AGM I’m thinking of proposing that rule 2.5 is deleted and all incorrect pegging scenarios are covered under rule 2.6, ie relying on everyone to sort things out amicably when possible and restarting with penalty otherwise.