Winter Season Registration

Registration for the winter 2015/6 season took place tonight.

So far 16 of last year’s 17 teams have registered and I am currently waiting to hear from the last one.

There are some venue and name changes coming up.

The Rose team moves to the Craufurd Arms and will be the Craufurd Buccaneers.

The Craufurd Arms team of last year remain there and will be the Craufurd Crusaders.

Last year’s Waggon A will be playing out of the New Inn.

Last year’s Waggon B will still be playing at the Waggon and will therefore just be named ‘Waggon’.

UPDATE: The last team has now confirmed their registration, so the leagues will be the same shape as last year, built on 2×10 with one bye in Division 2 and two in Division 1