May Meetings – Reminder

This is a reminder to all team captains that the meeting scheduled for May 17 is cancelled since it was agreed at the last AGM that summer registration would take place at the preceding meeting which was held in April.

The May 31 meeting will go ahead and will include distribution of summer fixtures for registered teams (seven are registered at present, so if anyone wants to enter an eighth let me know as soon as possible), return of the remaining trophies and payment of monies owing for games since April or not paid at the April meeting.

At the moment it looks like there may be one less team registering for the next winter season which will mean there are 16 teams (unless a potential new team registers making it 17 again). This does mean that I’ll be able to schedule a season without any Byes however it also means the season will be shorter by four weeks (although this will be offset by the season needing to start slightly later due to the summer league) and also means there will need to be an adjustment in the number of teams promoted and demoted.

Since the team that may not register is in Division 1 and the current sizes were Division 1=8 and Division 2=9 this would mean that the sizes become 7 and 9 so an adjustment is needed. Normally two teams are demoted or promoted. *IF* the situation I anticipate does happen both teams from Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 however only the bottom team from Division 1 will be demoted which will get both league sizes to 8 and 8.

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