Barley Mow withdraws from Winter 2016/7 season

Faced with the prospect of not being able to field a team for the second week in a row the Barley Mow have now taken the decision to withdraw from the season.

Accordingly all their fixtures now become Byes and when we come to draw out the fixtures for the first round of cup games we will have all 14 teams playing each other and then rank those results to put 8 teams in the Team Trophy and 6 teams in the Richard Pither Challenge Cup. There are a few different ways we could handle 6 teams there so I’ll table that for discussion at the next meeting. At the moment I favour having all six play each other and the two bottom teams overall across those results drop out, so one lucky team will lose but still go through by being the highest losers.

Since this now means there are 14 teams some people may wonder why we don’t reschedule the league around those 14 to eliminate the Byes. This would have a potential saving of four weeks on the schedule however with one week gone and probably two by the time I could get it ready and communicated to everyone I don’t think the chaos and upheaval it would cause is worth a two week saving.

Since we have two teams with a Bye each week, they have the option of playing each other in a friendly game. To assist with this the table below lists the Bye teams for each week. Let me stress that this is NOT an official schedule – if these fixtures take place they are friendly games and outside of the league. On the plus side, no pennies need to be collected either and the result does not need to be reported.

All team captains affected before the next meeting have been notified. Others will be made aware at that meeting in the event they haven’t already seen this news item.

26/09/2016 New Inn North Star
03/10/2016 Ivy Leaf B Waggon and Horses
10/10/2016 Belgian Arms Ivy Leaf A
17/10/2016 Ivy Leaf A Desborough B
24/10/2016 Desborough A Craufurd Crusaders
31/10/2016 Craufurd Buccaneers Ark Raiders
07/11/2016 Ark Angels Bird In Hand
28/11/2016 Bourne End New Inn
05/12/2016 North Star Ivy Leaf B
12/12/2016 Waggon and Horses Belgian Arms
09/01/2017 Desborough B Desborough A
16/01/2017 Craufurd Crusaders Craufurd Buccaneers
23/01/2017 Ark Raiders Ark Angels
13/02/2017 Bird In Hand Bourne End
20/02/2017 New Inn North Star
27/02/2017 Ivy Leaf B Waggon and Horses
06/03/2017 Belgian Arms Ivy Leaf A
13/03/2017 Ivy Leaf A Desborough B
20/03/2017 Desborough A Craufurd Crusaders
27/03/2017 Craufurd Buccaneers Ark Raiders
24/04/2017 Ark Angels Bird In Hand
08/05/2017 Bourne End New Inn
15/05/2017 North Star Ivy Leaf B
22/05/2017 Waggon and Horses Belgian Arms
12/06/2017 Desborough B Desborough A
19/06/2017 Craufurd Crusaders Craufurd Buccaneers
10/07/2017 Ark Raiders Ark Angels
17/07/2017 Bird In Hand Bourne End


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