Cup Round 1 Results

The results for round 1 are below. All winning teams go into the Team Trophy competition along with the highest loser with the remaining six going into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup competition.

Since there were two games which finished 8-8 and needed a tiebreaker played there will need to be a card draw at the next league meeting to determine which of these two teams goes into the Team Trophy

Home Score Away Score Difference
Ark Angels 7 Craufurd Crusaders 9 2
Desborough A 9 Waggon and Horses 7 2
Bourne End 6 Bird In Hand 10 4
New Inn 8 Ark Raiders 9 1
Ivy Leaf B 9 Belgian Arms 7 2
North Star 10 Desborough B 6 4
Craufurd B 9 Ivy Leaf A 8 1