Cup First Round Results

With the Ark Raiders withdrawing there are now 13 teams .

Thinking this through, the Team Trophy would not benefit from only five teams going through, so instead I’m going to arrange it so that 7 go to the upper stream and six to the lower.

The upper stream will be the six winners tonight plus Bird In Hand. When the next round is drawn one team (other than Bird In Hand) will get a bye to the next round and be joined by the three winners.

The lower stream will be the six losing teams. When they play the next round the three winners will go through along with one of the losing teams.

The results for tonight are:-

Ivy Leaf B 9 7 Desborough A
Desborough B 9 7 Bourne End
New Inn 7 9 Ivy Leaf A
Cookham Social ? ? Boundary Arms
Craufurd Buccaneers 8 9 Ark Angels
North Star 8 9 Craufurd Crusaders
Bird In Hand BYE

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