An administrative announcement

Just over two weeks ago I changed web servers. Whilst this is mostly transparent to users of the web site it does mean that my server’s reputation for sending spam-free emails has gone back to zero in some cases due to a change in the network identity (IP number) being used to send emails

On top of this, using mailing lists as I did before is not compatible with some of the more advanced server protection features that I want to use on the new server.

I’ve set up an alternative to the mailing list using mail forwarding. This means that there is no longer an automated interface for self-service suspending or removal, instead you’ll need to contact me.

Due to the change of IP address a number of mail servers are not accepting email messages sent from the server at present. I am working to get that resolved where I can.

If you used to get emails associated with new postings on this site and no longer do so please wait until next Tuesday – after I’ve done Monday’s results which should trigger an email – and let me know. I’ll investigate and find the cause. On the other hand, if you’re seeing this message as an email all is well and it’s working for you!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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