Cup draws and other information from the meeting

Here are the cup draws, all due to be played on Jan 24th. The home team is first in each case.

Ark Raiders – Bird In Hand

North Star-Farmers Boy

Desborough-Bourne End

Waggon A-Craufurd A

Golden Harp A-Barley Mow

Craufurd B-Waggon B

Ivy Leaf A-Golden Harp B

Cookham Social-Ark Angels

Ivy Leaf B-Thatched Cottage

In situations where one team is playing with 6 or 7 players they should avoid having the same pair of their players play the same pair of opposing players more than once, by splitting pairs as needed. This is currently not spelt out in the rules but is considered a matter of common sense and ethical behaviour. This will be formalised in the rules next year.


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