Winter 2019/2020 Fixtures

The Home Team is listed first for each fixture

Other Season Dates

Tuesday 1/10/2019 Meeting, Cup Round 1 Draw, Singles Competition Registration
Tuesday 3/12/2019 Meeting, Quarter Final Draw, Pairs Competition Registration
Tuesday 18/2/2020 Meeting, Semi Final Draw, President’s Competition Registration
Tuesday 28/4/2020 Meeting, Cup Final Venues, Secretaries’ Cup, Trophy Return, Play To Lose Registration
Tuesday 9/6/2020 Meeting, Winter Registration
Mon, 16 SepArk AngelsByeArk Angels
Mon, 16 SepBourne EndCraufurd BuccaneersBourne End
Mon, 16 SepCraufurd CrusadersBird In HandCraufurd Arms
Mon, 16 SepDesborough BNew Inn BeesDesborough BC
Mon, 16 SepHedsor BarIvy Leaf AHedsor Bar
Mon, 16 SepIvy Leaf BNorth StarIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 16 SepNew InnDesborough ANew Inn
Mon, 23 SepBird In HandArk AngelsBird In Hand
Mon, 23 SepByeBourne EndBye
Mon, 23 SepCraufurd BuccaneersNew InnCraufurd Arms
Mon, 23 SepDesborough ANorth StarDesborough BC
Mon, 23 SepHedsor BarIvy Leaf BHedsor Bar
Mon, 23 SepIvy Leaf ADesborough BIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 23 SepNew Inn BeesCraufurd CrusadersNew Inn
Mon, 30 SepArk AngelsNew Inn BeesArk Angels
Mon, 30 SepBourne EndBird In HandBourne End
Mon, 30 SepCraufurd CrusadersIvy Leaf ACraufurd Arms
Mon, 30 SepDesborough BHedsor BarDesborough BC
Mon, 30 SepIvy Leaf BDesborough AIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 30 SepNew InnByeNew Inn
Mon, 30 SepNorth StarCraufurd BuccaneersNorth Star
Mon, 7 OctBird In HandNew InnBird In Hand
Mon, 7 OctByeNorth StarBye
Mon, 7 OctCraufurd BuccaneersDesborough ACraufurd Arms
Mon, 7 OctDesborough BIvy Leaf BDesborough BC
Mon, 7 OctHedsor BarCraufurd CrusadersHedsor Bar
Mon, 7 OctIvy Leaf AArk AngelsIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 7 OctNew Inn BeesBourne EndNew Inn
Mon, 14 OctArk AngelsHedsor BarArk Angels
Mon, 14 OctBourne EndIvy Leaf ABourne End
Mon, 14 OctCraufurd CrusadersDesborough BCraufurd Arms
Mon, 14 OctDesborough AByeDesborough BC
Mon, 14 OctIvy Leaf BCraufurd BuccaneersIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 14 OctNew InnNew Inn BeesNew Inn
Mon, 14 OctNorth StarBird In HandNorth Star
Mon, 4 NovIvy Leaf ANew InnIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 4 NovNew Inn BeesNorth StarNew Inn
Mon, 4 NovCraufurd BuccaneersByeCraufurd Arms
Mon, 4 NovBird In HandDesborough ABird In Hand
Mon, 4 NovCraufurd CrusadersIvy Leaf BCraufurd Arms
Mon, 4 NovDesborough BArk AngelsDesborough BC
Mon, 4 NovHedsor BarBourne EndHedsor Bar
Mon, 11 NovArk AngelsCraufurd CrusadersArk Angels
Mon, 11 NovBourne EndDesborough BBourne End
Mon, 11 NovCraufurd BuccaneersBird In HandCraufurd Arms
Mon, 11 NovDesborough ANew Inn BeesDesborough BC
Mon, 11 NovIvy Leaf BByeIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 11 NovNew InnHedsor BarNew Inn
Mon, 11 NovNorth StarIvy Leaf ANorth Star
Mon, 18 NovArk AngelsIvy Leaf BArk Angels
Mon, 18 NovBird In HandByeBird In Hand
Mon, 18 NovCraufurd CrusadersBourne EndCraufurd Arms
Mon, 18 NovDesborough BNew InnDesborough BC
Mon, 18 NovHedsor BarNorth StarHedsor Bar
Mon, 18 NovIvy Leaf ADesborough AIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 18 NovNew Inn BeesCraufurd BuccaneersNew Inn
Mon, 25 NovBourne EndArk AngelsBourne End
Mon, 25 NovCraufurd BuccaneersIvy Leaf ACraufurd Arms
Mon, 25 NovDesborough AHedsor BarDesborough BC
Mon, 25 NovIvy Leaf BBird In HandIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 25 NovNew InnCraufurd CrusadersNew Inn
Mon, 25 NovNew Inn BeesByeBye
Mon, 25 NovNorth StarDesborough BNorth Star
Mon, 2 DecArk AngelsNew InnArk Angels
Mon, 2 DecBourne EndIvy Leaf BBourne End
Mon, 2 DecCraufurd CrusadersNorth StarCraufurd Arms
Mon, 2 DecDesborough BDesborough ADesborough BC
Mon, 2 DecHedsor BarCraufurd BuccaneersHedsor Bar
Mon, 2 DecIvy Leaf AByeIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 2 DecNew Inn BeesBird In HandNew Inn
Mon, 9 DecBird In HandIvy Leaf ABird In Hand
Mon, 9 DecCraufurd BuccaneersDesborough BCraufurd Arms
Mon, 9 DecDesborough ACraufurd CrusadersDesborough BC
Mon, 9 DecHedsor BarByeHedsor Bar
Mon, 9 DecIvy Leaf BNew Inn BeesIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 9 DecNew InnBourne EndNew Inn
Mon, 9 DecNorth StarArk AngelsNorth Star
Mon, 16 DecArk AngelsDesborough AArk Angels
Mon, 16 DecBourne EndNorth StarBourne End
Mon, 16 DecCraufurd CrusadersCraufurd BuccaneersCraufurd Arms
Mon, 16 DecDesborough BByeDesborough BC
Mon, 16 DecHedsor BarBird In HandHedsor Bar
Mon, 16 DecIvy Leaf ANew Inn BeesIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 16 DecNew InnIvy Leaf BNew Inn
Mon, 20 JanBird In HandDesborough BBird In Hand
Mon, 20 JanCraufurd BuccaneersArk AngelsCraufurd Arms
Mon, 20 JanCraufurd CrusadersByeBye
Mon, 20 JanDesborough ABourne EndDesborough BC
Mon, 20 JanIvy Leaf BIvy Leaf AIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 20 JanNew Inn BeesHedsor BarNew Inn
Mon, 20 JanNorth StarNew InnNorth Star
Mon, 27 JanArk AngelsByeArk Angels
Mon, 27 JanBird In HandCraufurd CrusadersBird In Hand
Mon, 27 JanCraufurd BuccaneersBourne EndCraufurd Arms
Mon, 27 JanDesborough ANew InnDesborough BC
Mon, 27 JanIvy Leaf AHedsor BarIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 27 JanNew Inn BeesDesborough BNew Inn
Mon, 27 JanNorth StarIvy Leaf BNorth Star
Mon, 3 FebArk AngelsBird In HandArk Angels
Mon, 3 FebBourne EndByeBourne End
Mon, 3 FebCraufurd CrusadersNew Inn BeesCraufurd Arms
Mon, 3 FebDesborough BIvy Leaf ADesborough BC
Mon, 3 FebIvy Leaf BHedsor BarIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 3 FebNew InnCraufurd BuccaneersNew Inn
Mon, 3 FebNorth StarDesborough ANorth Star
Mon, 10 FebBird In HandBourne EndBird In Hand
Mon, 10 FebCraufurd BuccaneersNorth StarCraufurd Arms
Mon, 10 FebDesborough AIvy Leaf BDesborough BC
Mon, 10 FebHedsor BarDesborough BHedsor Bar
Mon, 10 FebIvy Leaf ACraufurd CrusadersIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 10 FebNew InnByeBye
Mon, 10 FebNew Inn BeesArk AngelsNew Inn
Mon, 17 FebArk AngelsIvy Leaf AArk Angels
Mon, 17 FebBourne EndNew Inn BeesBourne End
Mon, 17 FebCraufurd CrusadersHedsor BarCraufurd Arms
Mon, 17 FebDesborough ACraufurd BuccaneersDesborough BC
Mon, 17 FebIvy Leaf BDesborough BIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 17 FebNew InnBird In HandNew Inn
Mon, 17 FebNorth StarByeNorth Star
Mon, 24 FebHedsor BarArk AngelsHedsor Bar
Mon, 24 FebIvy Leaf ABourne EndIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 24 FebNew Inn BeesNew InnNew Inn
Mon, 24 FebBird In HandNorth StarBird In Hand
Mon, 24 FebCraufurd BuccaneersIvy Leaf BCraufurd Arms
Mon, 24 FebDesborough AByeBye
Mon, 24 FebDesborough BCraufurd CrusadersDesborough BC
Mon, 2 MarArk AngelsDesborough BArk Angels
Mon, 2 MarBourne EndHedsor BarBourne End
Mon, 2 MarCraufurd BuccaneersByeCraufurd Arms
Mon, 2 MarDesborough ABird In HandDesborough BC
Mon, 2 MarIvy Leaf BCraufurd CrusadersIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 2 MarNew InnIvy Leaf ANew Inn
Mon, 2 MarNorth StarNew Inn BeesNorth Star
Mon, 23 MarBird In HandCraufurd BuccaneersBird In Hand
Mon, 23 MarCraufurd CrusadersArk AngelsCraufurd Arms
Mon, 23 MarDesborough BBourne EndDesborough BC
Mon, 23 MarHedsor BarNew InnHedsor Bar
Mon, 23 MarIvy Leaf ANorth StarIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 23 MarIvy Leaf BByeBye
Mon, 23 MarNew Inn BeesDesborough ANew Inn
Mon, 30 MarBird In HandByeBird In Hand
Mon, 30 MarBourne EndCraufurd CrusadersBourne End
Mon, 30 MarCraufurd BuccaneersNew Inn BeesCraufurd Arms
Mon, 30 MarDesborough AIvy Leaf ADesborough BC
Mon, 30 MarIvy Leaf BArk AngelsIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 30 MarNew InnDesborough BNew Inn
Mon, 30 MarNorth StarHedsor BarNorth Star
Mon, 6 AprArk AngelsBourne EndArk Angels
Mon, 6 AprBird In HandIvy Leaf BBird In Hand
Mon, 6 AprCraufurd CrusadersNew InnCraufurd Arms
Mon, 6 AprDesborough BNorth StarDesborough BC
Mon, 6 AprHedsor BarDesborough AHedsor Bar
Mon, 6 AprIvy Leaf ACraufurd BuccaneersIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 6 AprNew Inn BeesByeNew Inn
Mon, 20 AprBird In HandNew Inn BeesBird In Hand
Mon, 20 AprCraufurd BuccaneersHedsor BarCraufurd Arms
Mon, 20 AprDesborough ADesborough BDesborough BC
Mon, 20 AprIvy Leaf AByeBye
Mon, 20 AprIvy Leaf BBourne EndIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 20 AprNew InnArk AngelsNew Inn
Mon, 20 AprNorth StarCraufurd CrusadersNorth Star
Mon, 27 AprArk AngelsNorth StarArk Angels
Mon, 27 AprBourne EndNew InnBourne End
Mon, 27 AprCraufurd CrusadersDesborough ACraufurd Arms
Mon, 27 AprDesborough BCraufurd BuccaneersDesborough BC
Mon, 27 AprHedsor BarByeHedsor Bar
Mon, 27 AprIvy Leaf ABird In HandIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 27 AprNew Inn BeesIvy Leaf BNew Inn
Mon, 4 MayBird In HandHedsor BarBird In Hand
Mon, 4 MayCraufurd BuccaneersCraufurd CrusadersCraufurd Arms
Mon, 4 MayDesborough AArk AngelsDesborough BC
Mon, 4 MayByeDesborough BBye
Mon, 4 MayIvy Leaf BNew InnIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 4 MayNew Inn BeesIvy Leaf ANew Inn
Mon, 4 MayNorth StarBourne EndNorth Star
Mon, 11 MayArk AngelsCraufurd BuccaneersArk Angels
Mon, 11 MayBourne EndDesborough ABourne End
Mon, 11 MayCraufurd CrusadersByeCraufurd Arms
Mon, 11 MayDesborough BBird In HandDesborough BC
Mon, 11 MayHedsor BarNew Inn BeesHedsor Bar
Mon, 11 MayIvy Leaf AIvy Leaf BIvy Leaf Club
Mon, 11 MayNew InnNorth StarNew Inn


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