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News about cup matches

Results and 2011 fixtures updated

I’ve just completed the upload of LeaguePad and spreadsheet files. As well as this week’s results (except for Desborough/Waggon B which is still outstanding) this includes the re-worked schedule avoiding January 3, 2011 as a match day.

I’ll have printed copies of the revised schedule for each team at the next league meeting in October.

Keep an eye on the Maidenhead Advertiser – with any luck they will publish my news item and the league table too based on copy I sent in just before the publishing deadline of midday today (Tuesday).


Information from the AGM

The AGM was held on Aug 23rd. The rules posted here in draft form were accepted with no amendments so I’ve modified the page to indicate that this is now our active constitution.

Two points were made under AOB, both concerning cup finals. The first was a request to reinstate the practice of having a neutral committee member present at a final. The second concerned the longstanding practice of using a neutral venue for the finals. It was agreed that if both teams involved are in agreement then the toss of a coin may be used to decide which of the two teams involved will host the match.


Cup Competition – 17 teams and 16 slots

The cup competitions are structured around 16 teams. They first play each other with winners going to the team trophy and losers to the R. Pither Cup. Then there are quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final in each stream.

With 17 teams it’s a little more complex. Here is the approach that was used last season.

Two teams are drawn out of the 17. These two play each other, with the loser going direct to the Richard Pither cup stream. The winner is included in the draw for the first cup round. The losing team is not included in the first cup round draw.

After the first cup round has been played there are 8 winners and 8 losers. The 8 winners are handled normally. With the draw for the Richard Pither cup the losing team from the original drawn match is added back in giving 9 teams to draw fixtures for.

Pairs are drawn normally for the first three matches. With the final match the two teams drawn next play each other and then, on the same night, the winner from those two plays the final team drawn. The winner of that double-header remains in the cup competition.

Although this seems complex, it means all teams will get to play at least two cup games – if the initial draw resulted in a play-off and exit a team would be out of both cup competitions after only playing once.