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News about cup matches

Cup First Round Draw

For the first round the seven matches below are played. The top eight teams will go into the Richard Pither competition. The remaining six will go into the Team Trophy.

In the first round of the Team Trophy the three winners as well as the highest loser go through to the following round.

Note: These matches need to be played to a win/lose – if there is 8-8 draw a tiebreaker must be played.

Home Away
Ivy Leaf B Desborough A
Desborough B Bourne End
New Inn Ivy Leaf A
Cookham Social Boundary Arms
Craufurd Buccaneers Ark Angels
Ark Raiders Bird In Hand
North Star Craufurd Crusaders

Team Knockout Cup Winners

As a mark of respect to Richard Pither, past secretary of the MDCL who died earlier this year, it has been agreed that the Richard Pither Challenge Cup will be awarded to the winners of the upper stream of the team knockout competition and the Team Trophy will be awarded to the second stream.

North Star beat Bird In Hand 9-7 to win the Richard Pither Challenge Cup and Belgian Arms beat Bourne End 10-6 to win the Team Trophy.

Cup Finalists

The two cup finals will be between North Star (who beat Ark Raiders 10-6) versus Bird In Hand (who beat Desborough A 9-8) and between Bourne End (who beat Ivy Leaf A 10-6) and Belgian Arms (who beat Waggon & Horses 9-7).

Cup Fixtures and other news from tonight’s meeting

The cup draws are as follows (home team first):-

Ark Raiders vs North Star

Bird In Hand vs Desborough A


Ivy Leaf A vs Bourne End

Waggon & Horses vs Belgian Arms

It was proposed that the trophies awarded for the team knockout competition be exchanged as a mark of respect to the late Richard Pither thus the Richard Pither Challenge Cup will be awarded to the winners of the top half of the competition and the Team Trophy awarded to the winners of the lower half of the competition.

This will need to be ratified via a constitution change at the next AGM but was generally agreed.

There are currently 26 entries out of a possible 32 for the President’s/Tony Blay Memorial competition so any additional entries should be advised to me within the next week.

Cup Tie Results

The results for the Team Trophy were as below:-

 Ark Raiders  9  8  Craufurd Buccaneers
 New Inn  5  11  North Star
 Craufurd Crusaders  8  9  Desborough A
 Ivy Leaf B  7  9  Bird In Hand

Ark Raiders, North Star, Desborough A and Bird In Hand proceed to the semi-finals

The Richard Pither Challenge Cup results were as below:-

 Desborough B  5  11  Belgian Arms
 Bourne End  7  9  Ivy Leaf A
 Waggon and Horses  10  6  Ark Angels

Belgian Arms, Ivy Leaf A and Waggon And Horses go through to the semi-finals along with Bourne End as the highest placed losing team.

Cup Draws

Here are the draws for the next round of the cup competitions (home team first)

Team Trophy

Ark Raiders vs Craufurd Buccaneers

New Inn vs North Star

Craufurd Crusaders vs Desborough A

Ivy Leaf B vs Bird In Hand

Richard Pither Trophy

Desborough B vs Belgian Arms

Bourne End vs Ivy Leaf A

Waggon & Horses vs Ark Angels

Note: as well as the three winners the highest placed losing team will also go through to the next round of the Richard Pither Trophy

Cup Round 1 Results

The results for round 1 are below. All winning teams go into the Team Trophy competition along with the highest loser with the remaining six going into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup competition.

Since there were two games which finished 8-8 and needed a tiebreaker played there will need to be a card draw at the next league meeting to determine which of these two teams goes into the Team Trophy

Home Score Away Score Difference
Ark Angels 7 Craufurd Crusaders 9 2
Desborough A 9 Waggon and Horses 7 2
Bourne End 6 Bird In Hand 10 4
New Inn 8 Ark Raiders 9 1
Ivy Leaf B 9 Belgian Arms 7 2
North Star 10 Desborough B 6 4
Craufurd B 9 Ivy Leaf A 8 1

Notes from tonight’s meeting

Here are the cup games for the first round. Teams are reminded that if there is an 8-8 result after the normal match a tiebreaker must be played (one game or three games as agreed between the captains)

Home Away
Ark Angels Craufurd Crusaders
Desborough A Waggon & Horses
Bourne End Bird In Hand
New Inn Ark Raiders
Ivy Leaf B Belgian Arms
North Star Desborough B
Craufurd Buccaneers Ivy Leaf A

The seven winning teams plus the highest loser will go into the Team Trophy.

Six teams will go into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup and will play each other in the quarter-finals with all three winners and the higher loser proceeding to the semi-finals.

It was agreed that if both teams agree in advance a match can begin at 8pm rather than 8.30pm. This will be proposed as a constitution amendment at the next AGM.

There are currently 50 entries for the Singles competition with one team left to provider their numbers, so a few more could be fitted in whilst still remaining below 64. Let me know if you wish to make any additional entries.

AGM 2016

The Constitution has now been updated with the changes adopted at the 2016 AGM

This season there are 16 teams and thus no need to hold any cup competition qualifying rounds to eliminate teams down to 16. There will be one preliminary round where the top eight teams go into the Team Trophy and the remaining eight go into the Richard Pither Challenge Cup.

If there are tied teams around the midpoint a card draw will be performed at the next league meeting to decide which of the tied teams go into which competition.

If a preliminary round match produces a 8-8 result a tiebreaker must be played to produce a win. As usual this may be played as one game or three parallel games at the discretion of the team captains involved