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League Results

2017/18 Week 23 Results

Ark Angels hold onto top place despite a draw with North Star. Craufurd Buccaneers move up to second with a draw against Boundary Arms, overtaking New Inn who lost 7-9 to Bird In Hand.

Craufurd Crusaders beat Cookham Social 9-7, Desborough A beat Desborough B 11-5 and Ivy Leaf A beat Bourne End 9-7.

2017/18 Week 22 Results

Last week’s leaders New Inn drop to second place this week having had a Bye fixture this week. Craufurd Buccaneers could have overtaken them but were held to a draw by North Star which brings them level on points but still behind on difference.

Ark Angels move into first place, leapfrogging New Inn and Craufurd Buccaneers, with a 10-6 win over Bourne End. Of the six games played four results in draws so there is little movement in the rest of the league table. The draws were Bird in Hand/Ivy Leaf A, Cookham Social/Desborough B, Craufurd Buccaneers/North Star and Ivy Leaf B/Craufurd Crusaders. Boundary Arms beat Desborough A 11-5.

Updating delayed

Since Desborough B vs Ivy Leaf B is being played on Wednesday of this week I’ll wait until then to update the spreadsheet version and PDF on here. However, the league table and results here are up to date.

2017/18 Week 21 Results

New Inn stay top with 10-6 win over Craufurd Crusaders. Craufurd Buccaneers keep up the pressure in second place with 9-7 win over Bourne End.

Ark Angels stay close with a 10-6 win over Ivy Leaf A. Boundary Arms remain fourth despite losing 5-11 to Cookham Social.

North Star move up with a 9-7 win over Desborough A.The remaining fixture – Desborough B vs Ivy Leaf B is being played later this week.

2017/18 Week 20 Results

New Inn’s hold on the top position slipped a further point with a 7-9 loss against Desborough B. Fortunately for New Inn, Craufurd Buccaneers lost their chance to go top by drawing against Ark Angels who remain in third place.

Boundary Arms remain fifth despite losing 6-10 to Ivy Leaf B. Ivy Leaf A remain fifth despite having a bye this week. North Star move up leapfrog Cookham Social with 10-6 victory. Bird In Hand beat Craufurd Crusaders 10-6 and Desborough A beat Bourne End 10-6.

Cup Finalists

After tonight’s semi-finals the Richard Pither Cup will be contested between Craufurd Crusaders and Ark Angels and the Team Trophy will be contested between Craufurd Buccaneers and North Star.

2017/18 Week 19 Results

New Inn maintain their hold on top place with 10-6 win over Boundary Arms who drop from third to fourth. Craufurd Buccaneers move up to second with 11-5 win over Ivy Leaf A who remain in fifth place. Ark Angels drop to third with a 5-11 loss to Desborough A.

Bird In Hand lost 7-9 to Desborough B. Bourne End beat Cookham Social 9-7.  Ivy Leaf B drew with North Star.

2017/18 Week 18 Results

Last week’s leaders, Boundary Arms, drop to third with a 9-7 defeat by Bird In Hand. New Inn move into top place with a 10-6 win over North Star. Ark Angels move into second with a 10-6 win over Cookham Social. Craufurd Buccaneers move up to fourth with a 10-6 win over Desborough A.

Craufurd Crusaders beat Ivy Leaf A 9-7 and Ivy Leaf B drew with Bourne End.