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Notes From Tonight’s Meeting

Alan Foskett for New Inn won the Secretary’s Cup, defeating Greg Holden of Ark Angels.

Barley Mow conceded their outstanding fixture against Waggon due to a scheduling issue, with the result that Waggon are definitely promoted. The Belgian Arms will also be promoted unless they lose their outstanding fixture by a score of 13-3 or worse.

Six teams registered for the Summer League so this will go ahead. The teams are Bird In Hand, Craufurd Arms (2), Waggon/New Inn, North Star and Ark.

A reminder that the meeting on May 17 is cancelled. The next meeting will be Trophy Return/Summer Kickoff on May 31.

Cup Qualifiers Round 2

The draw for the second round of cup qualifier games is (home team first):-

Cookham Social v Bird In Hand

Ivy B v Waggon

Thatched Cottage v Ivy A

Desborough B v Barley Mow

North Star v Bourne End

New Inn v Craufurd Buccaneers

Craufurd Crusaders v Desborough A

Ark Angels v Belgian Arms

The Ark Raiders have a bye.

It was agreed between the teams concerned to modify the 11-5 result recorded for Barley Mow’s win over Craufurd Crusaders in week 4 to 10-6. This will show up in next week’s tables (and already missed the deadline for the tables in this week’s Advertiser)

Winter Season Registration

Registration for the winter 2015/6 season took place tonight.

So far 16 of last year’s 17 teams have registered and I am currently waiting to hear from the last one.

There are some venue and name changes coming up.

The Rose team moves to the Craufurd Arms and will be the Craufurd Buccaneers.

The Craufurd Arms team of last year remain there and will be the Craufurd Crusaders.

Last year’s Waggon A will be playing out of the New Inn.

Last year’s Waggon B will still be playing at the Waggon and will therefore just be named ‘Waggon’.

UPDATE: The last team has now confirmed their registration, so the leagues will be the same shape as last year, built on 2×10 with one bye in Division 2 and two in Division 1

Summer League Reminder

Reminder – to run the Summer League we need six teams. Four are registered so far, with almost enough people to combine to form a fifth.

If any more teams wish to enter or any people would like to be joined up with a team for summer please get in touch via team captains before Friday this week.

One more Summer League team needed

** UPDATE: An eighth team has now registered **

There are now seven teams registered for the Summer League, which means that there will be a Bye fixture in the schedule.

If another team joins this can be avoided. So, if you’ve been thinking about putting in for Summer let me know.

If there aren’t enough on your team to enter for Summer but you have some willing players maybe you can pool with eager players from other teams in the same situation to make up a team just for the Summer League. If you have any players in this situation let me know how many and whether your venue could host the team – if we can get up to around six people it should be a viable team.

Seven teams (or eight with the Bye) isn’t really enough to run two divisions so instead it’ll be one division this year – last year we had 10 teams so I ran two divisions of six. This will mean that the Winter season will kick off 2-3 weeks later than last year. I don’t think that’s a problem because it will just mean that some slack time at the end of the Winter season schedule will be used more productively.

Winter League Registration

There are 19 teams registered for the Winter League this year; that’s all 18 from last year plus Summer League newcomers Belgian Arms.

New contact details sheets will be handed out to team captains along with the fixture sheets at the AGM.

A few teams indicated their desire to register but were unable to attend to pay or make alternative arrangements; please ensure you pay at the AGM if not before.



All Teams Re-registered

All of last winter’s teams are now re-registered for the next winter season, so we will definitely be running in the same two division format as last year. Some teams still have to submit their payment though; please get this to Stewart or myself as soon as possible.

I’ve been advised of two potential new teams who may take up some of the Bye slots, which would be to everyone’s advantage. One team is due to let me know by this weekend, the other one by the weekend after at which point I’ll finish off the scheduling for next season.



Winter League Registration Update

After last night’s registration session all of last season’s teams are re-registered with the exception of Bourne End. I’m currently trying to reach them to chase up their registration.

Desborough may still enter a second team; they’ve requested a delay until the weekend to see if they can get it together.

So… we’re currently looking at 16, 17 or 18 teams. With 17 or 18 we’ll stay in two divisions, however 16 teams is the cutover point for reverting back to a single league.



Summer League Update

I’m delighted to say that the New Inn have decided to go back to their original idea of entering two teams for Summer, which means we now have 10 teams and can have a schedule with no Bye fixtures.

Schedules will be available at next week’s meeting and up on the website around the same time.