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News about this website

Teething troubles

Now that more people are starting to use the site some teething problems are starting to show up. One was self-inflicted – I updated to a newer version of “skin” for the website and this has problems working with Internet Explorer 6. I’ve gone back to the older version for the time being.

The other concerns the links to maps from the [ Teams ] page. Although they work fine for me, I have had a report that sometimes the same map is always displayed whichever link is followed. I’m going to experiment with using a different mapping service in the hope of getting around this.


Old dates

You might be wondering why some pages have dates back in February when this is a new website for the 2010/2011 season.

It’s because I started from the skeleton of a working system and then built, configured, edited and adapted it to fit how I wanted it to look. Along the way, some original pages were modified with new content, but still retain their original creation date as part of the skeleton that I started from.


Website progress

I just finished putting in all the links on the Teams page. You can now get a map and photo (from Multimap and Google respectively) for each venue. Leaguepad and the Spreadsheet have been uploaded. Apart from small tweaks, I think everything is here that needs to be now!


Progress report

I think the site structure is pretty much there now. The same can’t yet be said of the data however that will come over the next few days now that the structure is settling down. Watch this space…


Mind the gap

This site is still new and being set up. Not everything is currently populated with current data, and the LeaguePad and Spreadsheet links don’t yet connect where they should … this will gradually get fixed as the configuration work continues…

News items

On this page you’ll see news items as they are published, newest items at the top each time. Items are categorised into Admin / Cup / Result or Website making it easy to filter out just the latest items you want to read.

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