Check your fixture lists!

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At the October league meeting an updated fixture list was handed out which moved the 2011 fixtures one week later to avoid any games being scheduled on the Jan 3rd bank holiday. It seems that a number of people still have the older lists. Please check your game venues etc to make sure that all copies of the old fixture list have been replaced. Fixture lists, in a format suitable for printing and paper distribution, can be found here. Alan
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An easier way to print team sheets

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Printing off team sheets from the website can be difficult with content spilling over onto several pages where it should fit easily on one. To solve this I will be publishing all 18 team sheets every week as a PDF file which can be viewed on the website or downloaded and then printed out selectively. I've already taken care of ensuring that one team is fitted on one page, so this should be a considerably easier way to get at the team sheets. There is a new link in the More Info panel to go to the "Team Charts in PDF" page or you can access it directly here Let me know if there are any teething problems with this new approach. Alan
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