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League Results

Week 3 – more results

Ark Raiders 8-8 Waggon A
Bird In Hand 10-6 Ivy Leaf A

I’m still waiting for Barley Mow/Ivy Leaf B and Golden Harp B/Desborough, however my schedule today means that I have to send off the copy for the Maidenhead Advertiser now (it’s usually required before midday).


Week 2 – Initial Results

All but two are in now…

Bourne End 7-9 Golden Harp A
Cookham Social 9-7 Farmers Boy
Golden Harp B 10-6 Thatch Cottage
Ivy Leaf B 8-8 Desborough
North Star 8-8 Ivy Leaf A
Waggon B 9-7 Barley Mow

The Bird In Hand/Waggon A match is postponed at the request of Bird In Hand.

Still to come:-
Ark Raiders vs Craufurd A
Craufurd B vs Ark Angels


Results and 2011 fixtures updated

I’ve just completed the upload of LeaguePad and spreadsheet files. As well as this week’s results (except for Desborough/Waggon B which is still outstanding) this includes the re-worked schedule avoiding January 3, 2011 as a match day.

I’ll have printed copies of the revised schedule for each team at the next league meeting in October.

Keep an eye on the Maidenhead Advertiser – with any luck they will publish my news item and the league table too based on copy I sent in just before the publishing deadline of midday today (Tuesday).


Week 1 results (interim)

Ark Angels 11-5 Ark Raiders

Barley Mow 8-8 Craufurd B

Bourne End/Golden Harp B postponed at Bourne End’s request

Craufurd A 8-8 Bird In Hand

Desborough/Waggon B not yet received

Golden Harp A 12-4 Farmers Boy

Ivy Leaf A 8-8 Cookham Social

Thatch Cottage 7-9 Ivy Leaf B

Waggon A 9-7 North Star

The season is almost here…

The first nine matches of the new season are played next Monday. Results will be posted here, in the ‘Results’ category. You can either go direct to them by selecting the ‘Results’ link on the top navigation, or from the ‘News Categories’ box down the right hand edge of the page.

As before, I’ll aim to limit myself 2 or 3 posts weekly, less if all the results come in close together.

Good luck to everyone!