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Revised fixtures for 2011

I screwed up again with the 2011 dates. Some matches are currently scheduled on January 3, which will be a bank holiday due to January 1st being on a Saturday in 2011

Unlike the May 30 error, this one means that I’m going to have to push all the 2011 fixtures one week later. Leaguepad and the Spreadsheet will be updated tonight and I’ll have printed copies of the updated league for all team captains at the league meeting in October

The length of the season was a popular topic at our match last night. The reason it’s not two leagues this season is that two leagues of 9 would make for a much much shorter season which would adversely affect the amount generated for St Marks Hospital through the collection of Pennies.

Ideally, we need some more teams to make two leagues viable however other options exist like adding extra fixtures, moving competitions to Mondays or going with the much shorter season and increasing the Pennies per person. Discuss it amongst your teams and let your captains know which would be preferable for 2011/2012.


Week 1 results (interim)

Ark Angels 11-5 Ark Raiders

Barley Mow 8-8 Craufurd B

Bourne End/Golden Harp B postponed at Bourne End’s request

Craufurd A 8-8 Bird In Hand

Desborough/Waggon B not yet received

Golden Harp A 12-4 Farmers Boy

Ivy Leaf A 8-8 Cookham Social

Thatch Cottage 7-9 Ivy Leaf B

Waggon A 9-7 North Star

The season is almost here…

The first nine matches of the new season are played next Monday. Results will be posted here, in the ‘Results’ category. You can either go direct to them by selecting the ‘Results’ link on the top navigation, or from the ‘News Categories’ box down the right hand edge of the page.

As before, I’ll aim to limit myself 2 or 3 posts weekly, less if all the results come in close together.

Good luck to everyone!


Website appearence updated

How the website looks, and to a large extent behaves too, is governed by a “Theme”. I have just updated the website to the latest version of the theme. This is a fairly major jump in versions since I have been holding back updating waiting for some problems that were in the previous version to get fixed so I’ve actually jumped several intermediate versions to get to the version being used now.

There are a few cosmetic improvements however the website should still look and behave the same. If you see a problem please add a comment on this posting.


Rules 2.5 and 2.6 – incorrect pegging

These two rules currently read:-

2.5 In the event of pegs being moved in the wrong direction they must not be corrected and their position will stand.

2.6 If during a game, the board is overturned, the pegs must be repositioned by mutual agreement. In the event of a disagreement, the game must be replayed with the non-offenders taking first box and a TEN point lead.

Following discussion at the AGM and after, two points have arisen. The first is what happens if the pegs switch to the wrong lane and travel some way before it is noticed, which isn’t covered by the rules. The error from this could be quite large (for or against) depending whether the pegs were supposed to be moving away from home or back and how far up the track they are. My advice is that this be handled using the same principle as Rule 2.6 – sort it out amicably if possible, and restart the game with a penalty otherwise.

As far as rule 2.5 is concerned, the rule is there, but if the players agree to sort it out amicably by moving the pegs to where they should be without recourse to the letter of the rules then that’s absolutely fine – the rules are there in case a dispute cannot be solved amicably and a ruling is needed.

For next year’s AGM I’m thinking of proposing that rule 2.5 is deleted and all incorrect pegging scenarios are covered under rule 2.6, ie relying on everyone to sort things out amicably when possible and restarting with penalty otherwise.


Information from the AGM

The AGM was held on Aug 23rd. The rules posted here in draft form were accepted with no amendments so I’ve modified the page to indicate that this is now our active constitution.

Two points were made under AOB, both concerning cup finals. The first was a request to reinstate the practice of having a neutral committee member present at a final. The second concerned the longstanding practice of using a neutral venue for the finals. It was agreed that if both teams involved are in agreement then the toss of a coin may be used to decide which of the two teams involved will host the match.


Keeping Informed With News Items On The Website

There are several ways to keep informed on the latest updates to this website. One is simply to keep on visiting the site!

You can also arrange for updates to be delivered to you. One is by using the site’s RSS feed together with a RSS reader (such as Outlook 2007 or most modern browsers eg Internet Explorer 8). The other is by joining the mailing list – all new posts are automatically sent to this mailing list. If you want to join the mailing list contact me by email: alan AT chorazin DOT org


Teething troubles

Now that more people are starting to use the site some teething problems are starting to show up. One was self-inflicted – I updated to a newer version of “skin” for the website and this has problems working with Internet Explorer 6. I’ve gone back to the older version for the time being.

The other concerns the links to maps from the [ Teams ] page. Although they work fine for me, I have had a report that sometimes the same map is always displayed whichever link is followed. I’m going to experiment with using a different mapping service in the hope of getting around this.