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Competition Results and Postponed League Result

Last night saw all the competitions concluded.

The Singles was won by Alan Ranscombe (Ivy A) with Tony Woodhams (Cookham) as runner up (this one was completed on the night).

The Presidents was won by Dixie Dean and John Williams (Ivy B) with Mary Cadle and Tony Woodhams (Cookham) as runners up.

The Pairs was won by Alison Shoat and Alan Glover (North Star) with Jim Warlow and Ronnie McKie (Cookham) as runners up.

The Secretary’s Cup was won by Tony Blay (Craufurd A) with Mary Cadle (Cookham) as runner up.

Barley Mow won their postponed league game against Bird In Hand which puts them into 5th place in Division B and into the play-off against Ivy Leaf A for a Division 1 place next winter season. A date is still to be set for this play-off.

Next week sees Barley Mow and Cookham contest the Team Trophy whilst  Bird In Hand and Ark Raiders contest the Richard Pither Cup.

I currently have 7 confirmed for the Summer League and a few more due to let me know, so at this point it looks like it will be going ahead.



Presidents Shield – Results

Mary and Tony from Cookham are in the final, and will play the winner of Mike and Den from Cookham vs Dixie and John from Ivy Leaf B.

These matches will be played on April 23rd at Desborough (along with the Secretaries’ Cup and the semi-finals/final of the Pairs competition).




Pairs Competition

The pairs competition progressed as far as playing the quarter finals tonight. Thankyou to Cookham Social for hosting the event at short notice after we were let down by the Ivy Leaf Club.

In all 45 pairs entered. The event was scheduled around 16 tables in action at the same time for the first two rounds, then reducing down as teams are knocked out.

The semi-finals and final, to be played at Desborough in April on the same night as the Secretary’s Cup, are between Dave and Ron of Thatched Cottage vs Ally and Alan of North Star and between John and Mick of Craufurd B vs Jim and Ronnie of Cookham Social.

Well done to those through to the semis and thankyou to everyone for taking part!



Week 15 – All results in, Pairs Competition change

The Pairs competition next week will now take place at Cookham Social due to a double-booking by the Ivy Leaf Club. The Presidents competition will remain at Cookham.

Division A: Craufurd B 6-10 Ark Angels (to be confirmed), New Inn 9-7 Ivy Leaf A and Waggon B 10-6 Bourne End

Division B: Bird In Hand 8-8 Waggon A, Desborough 8-8 Craufurd A, Ivy Leaf B 6-10 Barley Mow and Rose 9-7 Cookham Social.

If any players booked into the Pairs competition now wish to drop out due to the change in venue, please contact me via their team captains/secretaries.



Singles Competition

The Singles knockout competition was played this week at the Ivy Leaf Club, with a full entry of 64 players and some late entrants turned away – for next year I will propose ways of extending the format beyond 64 entries without making the competition longer.

Congratulations to Alan Ranscombe of Ivy A on winning and Tony Woodhams of Cookham Social on taking the final all the way to a tiebreaker third game.

Late entries can still be accepted for the Pairs (at Ivy Leaf) and Presidents Shield (at Cookham) competitions, both of which are pairs play.



Cup Draws

The cup draws for Oct 31st are as follows:-

IMPORTANT – these are qualifying rounds, not a knockout – a draw is a legitimate result.

The first team listed is at home.

Bird In Hand – New Inn

Thatched Cottage – Desborough

Cookham Social – Bourne End

Barley Mow – Craufurd B

Ivy Leaf B – Waggon B

Rose B – Craufurd A

North Star – Ark Angels

Waggon A – Ivy Leaf A

Ark Raiders have a bye and are awarded a 8-8 result and 1 point.

Fixtures for the second qualifying round will be drawn at the next league meeting. The draw will be voided and re-drawn if the same team gets the Bye again.



Notes From The AGM

The AGM was held on Monday Aug 22. The new schedules are now on the website and team representatives present at the meeting received an updated contacts sheet for all the teams.

There are two points to note.

First, the Presidents Shield will be played at Cookham as in past years rather than at the Ivy Leaf as is shown in the printed schedule copies provided at the AGM. This will be corrected on the website shortly next time the spreadsheet is uploaded.

Second, Mark Newcombe is stepping down as captain of the Rose B (formerly Golden Harp A) and we welcome Emily DeFraine instead. Contact details are not published on the web site, so if anyone needs to contact her get in touch with me to get the details.



Cup Competition Winners

Barley Mow beat Desborough to win the Team Trophy while Golden Harp A beat Bird In Hand to win the Richard Pither Cup.

This will be the last website/mailing list update for a while – there will not be much to share until we do the registration for the 2011/2012 season and find whether we have critical mass (more than 16 teams) to go into two leagues as decided at the recent EGM.


EGM Decisions and Competition Results

Two motions were put to the vote at the EGM held today, June 21.

The first passed – in the event of more than 16 teams registering for the 2011/2012 season it will be organised as two divisions.

The second failed – teams will not be placed in divisions based on their 2010/2011 standing, instead a random draw will be performed

A summer league will be offered in 2012 subject to sufficient interest. Teams will consist of 4 rather than the usual 8 per side in the winter season (matches consist of four pairs games and sixteen singles).

Here are the results for various competitions held to date:-

Singles knockout: Winner – Fiona Lawrence (Ark Angels), Runner Up – Alan Joys (Waggon A)

Pairs knockout: Winner – Alan Duckworth & Bill Harrison (Harp A), Runner Up – Richard Pither & Bill Lunnon (Bird In Hand)

Presidents: Winner – Alan Foskett & Alan Frampton (Waggon B), Runner Up – Lisa Holland & Steve Holland (Cookham Social)

Secretary’s: Winner – Alan Glover (North Star), Runner Up – Greg Holden (Ark Angels)

The cup finals are played next week (Barley Mow vs Desborough and Bird In Hand vs Golden Harp A).


Postponed game result and competition result

The postponed Thatch Cottage/Craufurd B fixture from week 16 was played on May 2, resulting in a 13-3 win for Thatched Cottage.

The singles competition was won by Fiona Lawrence from the Ark Angels. The finalists for the pairs competition are Bird In Hand and Golden Harp A – the final will be played on the President’s Shield competition night.